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Welcome To Royal 8 International Tea!

Our goal is to create an experience of transformation through our organic signature tea blends. Come Sip the Royal-Tea with Samantha Singletary!

Our Mission

Embrace, Inspire and transform the lives of women globally.

Our Products

We offer signature organic tea blends. The signature blends are packaged and processed by hand. We also offer the signature blends in a 12 count box and loose leaf.

Our Goal

Our goal is to offer solutions to living a transformed and empowered life through an in-depth Christ-Centered perspective as you sip our signature tea blends.


Featured Products

Our tea blends are organic blends designed to embrace, inspire and transform you. Visit our "Shop" page for all of our tea blends!

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Our Signature Organic Tea Blends

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Wholeness  and living a balanced life is  essential to the experience of transformation. Just drinking one cup of our signature tea blends , you are sure to enter into this experience. Royal 8 International Tea is a tea with a mission. Made from organic leaves and packed from skilled hands, our tea is designed to take you on a royal experience of tranquility .

Come and let us embrace, inspire and transform you.

Just take a sip of Royal-Tea.